Museum of Contemporary Art

MOCA inspires new ways of thinking through the cultivation, interpretation and exhibition of cutting-edge art of our time.

MOCA inspira formas nuevas del pensamiento por medio de la cultivación, interpretación, y exhibición del arte innovador de nuestro tiempo. 


MOCA Tucson is currently closed for installation of our upcoming exhibitions opening Saturday 27 September. 


Upcoming Exhibitions:

Great Hall – Artist as Curator: Drew Heitzler – Golden State

In “Golden State” the artist and curator Drew Heitzler brings together a diverse group of ten Californians into MOCA’s Great Hall. The artists included are: Samara Golden, Lucy Dodd, Kaari Upson, Lucy Raven, Amy Yao, Pentti Monkkonen, Liz Craft, Mungo Thomson, Scott Benzel, and Theodora Allen.

East Wing – Jacob Kassay & Kyle Thurman: On Kindness
East Wing – Drew Heitzler

In the East Galleries Drew Heitzler’s solo exhibition will feature three videos and a suite of photographs. The videos re-order history as it is known through the cultural mediums of film and music, altering and re-fitting one’s perception of the world. Akin to the artists in “Golden State,” Heitzler’s work is an investigation and interrogation of Los Angeles’ towering influence as both an actual place and a state of mind.

Members Only Opening Saturday 27 September
Open to the public starting Sunday 28 September


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MOCA is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Arizona Commission on the Arts, and its members and patrons.

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