Armando Miguélez: Legislate Crazy

17 December 2011 – 25 March 2012

This winter MOCA is pleased to present Legislate Crazy, a body of work created by MOCA’s current Artist in Residence Armando Miguélez.  Miguélez was born in Tucson and has since been living and working in Mexico, Spain, India and various other points across the globe.  His work takes on issues relating to global geopolitics and cross-cultural epistemology with a delicate and poetic touch, seducing the viewer into pondering complex issues accessed through beauty and humor.  According to Miguélez:

“As scattered as my own personal geography is, my interests are quite bound.  I’m intrigued by how things flow through the world—not only materials, but also ideas, people and identities.  I examine how spaces affect our experience and how important it is for us to arrive at intersections.  The most interesting part of all of this is when this flow is interrupted, when a person’s physical body is not allowed to access a realm, or traverse a space or cross a boundary.  Southern Arizona is one of those spaces, a strange territory that is neither here nor there, and where some people are allowed and others are not. These are the issues I find to be the most important of our present time. Beyond my own lucubrations on how I think the world should be, I’m more caught up in how the world is.  By acknowledging this current state, we can possibly transcend ourselves. In other words, the first step is admitting you have a problem.”

Images by Armando Miguélez.