MOCA Tucson’s mission is to inspire new ways of thinking through the cultivation, interpretation, and exhibition of cutting-edge art of our time.

Established by artists, MOCA is Tucson’s only museum devoted exclusively to contemporary art from Tucson and around the globe. MOCA is committed to thinking globally, acting locally, and engaging with the ethics and aesthetics of contemporary life. Through varied programs, MOCA is Tucson’s primary educational resource for contemporary art and maintains a full exhibition, education, and artist-in-residence program.

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MOCA is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Cox Communications, and its members and patrons.


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Ginger Shulick Porcella
Executive Director and Chief Curator

What do you do at MOCA?
I believe my most important job is to lead and inspire the staff, as well as the general Tucson community. On a typical day I am fundraising, solving HR and admin issues, creating and revising budgets, developing and executing programs, writing exhibition text, doing studio visits, and advocating on behalf of the arts.

Why work at MOCA?
I was inspired by the dedication of the board and staff at MOCA, and I see the unlimited potential for this organization to be a catalyst for change in the community, educating people on the importance of contemporary art to transform our daily lives.

What do you do when you’re not at MOCA?
I’m a creepy dog person, so I spend a lot of time with my fur babies Maya Papaya and Radio McGriddles. I also enjoy horror films, crossword puzzles, experimental film and music, reading and thinking about dystopic futures, going to museums and galleries, taking road trips, telling jokes, and discussing conspiracy theories.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 102



Alexis Page Smith
Special Events and Communications Director

What do you do at MOCA?
I spend most of my day spreading the good word of MOCA Tucson. I handle our media and content creation and also produce our special events and fundraisers. It’s a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun!

Why work at MOCA?
I have loved and supported MOCA Tucson since the beginning and when the opportunity to work here presented itself I jumped at it. I started at 10 hours a week and worked my way into a full-time gig!

What do you do when you’re not at MOCA?
Drink wine, cook good food with great friends, and laugh. Although, we do a lot of laughing at MOCA too.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 106



Wylwyn Reyes
Manager, Operations & Exhibitions
What do you do at MOCA?
I oversee day-to-day operations and logistics. I am also in charge of the planning and installation of our seasonal rotating exhibitions.
Why work at MOCA?
I work at MOCA because it is more than just an art museum to me. It’s a special space that represents the intersection of the different cultures and expressions that have formed the distinct Tucson identity. We mash-up renown artists with emerging artists. We collaborate with local businesses and organizations to provide cross platform programs and events that are accessible to all. MOCA, like the city it resides in, embraces uniqueness and celebrates the quirkiness and grittiness that Tucson is known for.
What do you do when you’re not at MOCA?
I’m a visual artist & designer that works in sculpture, installation, video, and graphic design.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 105



Nathan Myers
Membership and MOCAShop Manager

What do you do at MOCA?
My work involves curating and managing the MOCAshop, organizing and orchestrating pop-up events with the MOCAshop, managing memberships and donations, co-chairing our annual Gala, and co-running the Museum Studies Internship Program. And if there is time, I love to assist with the installation and de-installation of exhibitions!

Why work at MOCA?
I was looking for a place that would inspire myself as an artist and cultivate a continuing passion for the arts after college. I was blessed to find MOCA. a community that could nurture this aspiration, utilize my degree, and let me explore all aspects of a museum.

What do you do when you are not at MOCA?
Besides MOCA I also work at a coffee shop serving that morning cup of joe, consuming a not so healthy amount myself; as well as continuing my art practice, interning with Aranda \ Lasch, playing the saxophone, and designing for a potential Disney Imagineer internship, I try to sleep.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 104



Valerie Sipp
Adult Education and Public Programs Manager
What do you do at MOCA?
Co-run the Museum Studies Internship Program, organize and run public programming, help with grant writing and proof reading, give tours, and assist with youth programming.
Why work at MOCA?
I always thought I would have to live in New York or LA to be a part of an institution like this. There is never a dull moment and I get to go to work every day and be challenged and inspired.
What do you do when you’re not at MOCA?
I can usually be found hiking Tumamoc, in a movie theater, trying new recepies, hanging out with friends or reorganizing my record collection.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 104



Eli Burke
Education Director

What do you do at MOCA?
My official title is the Teen Program Coordinator. I get to create curriculum, coordinate youth programming, seek funds through grant research and grant writing and best of all, provide FREE access and education to youth all over Pima County. Our current ongoing programs are Minor Mutiny (young adults up to 23) and Young Fauves (age 9-13). We also partner with other non-profits like Eon and SAAF.

Why work at MOCA?
MOCA is so important for a community like Tucson. I am grateful that there is forum for engaging with contemporary art in our city. Contemporary art is a global conversation and I feel that all communities should have the opportunity to participate in that conversation. MOCA is unique in that creates this opportunity. It is simply a privilege to be a part of that process, not just as someone who values contemporary art but as an artist myself. Also, everyone that works here is awesome!

What do you do when you’re not at MOCA?
I make art and/or am thinking about art. I teach at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College. I am a musician (8 Inch Betsy, Pink Eyez). I also have a few kids so I hang out with them a lot too. They’re cool.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 103



Charles Rockwell
Visitors Services & Volunteer Coordinator

What do you do at MOCA?
I wear many hats here at the MOCA Tucson. I see to it that MOCA has friendly and knowledgeable volunteers who help our visitors enjoy their experience.  I also help with special events, designing promotional materials, managing the website, creating video content, and much more.

Why work at MOCA?
I work at MOCA because I enjoy experiencing contemporary art. It uplifts, upsets, inspires, challenges preconceptions, sparks curiosity, and invokes smiles all at the same time! I’m grateful to be able to help a museum like MOCA create these environments for its visitors. I also like that MOCA works hard to build a community in Tucson through its many engaging events. Plus the staff is super cool.

What do you do when you’re not at MOCA?
A good day for me includes a lot of multi-tasking. I like listening to music, cracking jokes with friends, exploring Tucson, cooking good food, and getting lost in the blackhole that is YouTube. Inspiration seems to be abundant in this internet age and as an artist I never run out of projects to work on. I enjoy creating art through many mediums including making music, paintings, screen prints, videos, sculptures, and graphic designs.


phone: 520.624.5019  ext. 101



Board of Directors

E. Courtney Johnson, President

Joanne Stuhr, Vice President & Secretary

Michael Guymon, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Randi Dorman, Immediate Past President

Frances Allen

James Allen

Carolyn Bass

Sherman Bodner

Scott Brittenham

Karen Christensen

Terri Kessler

Taber K. MacCallum

Martha Macks-Kahn

Skya Nelson

Danny Vinik

Kira Dixon Weinstein


Anne-Marie Russell, Executive Director Emeritus

James Graham, Founding Director

Ambassador Council

Robert Alpaugh

Anne Breckenridge Barrett

Jessica Baylon

AnnaMaria Biagini

Kim Bourn

Elizabeth Cherry

Susan Dubow

Lisa Greve

John Hudak

Rick Joy

Marion Kaufer

Colleen LaFleur

Lisa Lovallo

Debi Chess Mabie

Karen Masbruch

Olivier Mosset

Mary Okoye

Denise Newton

Laura J. Pendleton-Miller

Corky Poster

Jane Poynter

Jill E. Provan

Hope Reed

Patricia Schwabe

Stacey Spink

Jocelyn Blair Stoller

Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Eugenia Woods

Amy Zuckerman

Volunteers & Interns

Current Volunteers & Interns

Nikki Alvarez
Michaela Dannenbrink
Jeanne de la Garza
Desdeneyra Elias
Morgan Johnstonbaugh
Ondrea Levey
Joe Locke
Ariana Speranza
Dominic Valencia
Karima Walker
Stephanie Walters
Shea Zimmerman

Catherine Aguilar
Alina Andrade
Maya Atchison
Aubreya Barnwell
Emma Bayne
Madeline Davis
Christine Greer
Johanna Hand
Michaela Hurtado
Rita Yim

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Call for Interns Spring 2017

No person shall be denied employment, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or subject to discrimination in any program or activity, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran’s status, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, or gender identity.



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event rental combined

Rental Cost: $3,000 starting price

Rental fee includes: subject to event & current exhibitions

  • Pre-event meeting with MOCA events director
  • Access to Foyer, Great Hall, Plaza, East wing and 2 adjoining restrooms
      • 2nd floor Education space available upon request
  • Janitorial services during the event: Restroom Maintenance, trash transport, large spill clean up assistance
  • On-site MOCA liaison for event
  • 12 hour rental for event day
  • MOCA does not have tables & chairs

Please fill out the questionnaire below if you are interested in renting space at MOCA for an event.