• John Kilduff | The Joy of Multitasking

John Kilduff | The Joy of Multitasking

18 February – 28 May 2017

With Let’s Paint TV John Kilduff made his mark: a normal looking man wearing a paint-splattered Brooks Brothers suit runs on a treadmill while furiously painting and, improbably, blending healthy juice drinks and fielding live phone calls. But that televised phenomenon is just one part of his sui generis “practice.” Incorporating performance, figurative painting, action art, social interrelationships, vaudevillian physical comedy, cooking, and Ping-pong the remarkable zone the artist inhabits is truly unique. The Joy of Multitasking features continuous screenings of Kilduff’s TV show and spotlights his protean painting output, which ranges from abstract expressionist gestural works to extremely humorous pictorial aphorisms.

Image: John Kilduff, Installation view, “Paint Before You Think” at Woodbury University, 2016